The platform can assist researchers with bioinformatics analyses and programming tasks in three different ways:

  • Customer support/consultancy: e.g. to give advice on bioinformatics procedures, methods and resources.
  • Technical assistance: e.g. installation of software/databases and simple programming tasks and bioinformatical analyses.
  • Research collaboration: requests that require an effort beyond technical assistance/consultancy will be set up as a research collaboration. Funding for collaborative research performed by platform partners must be provided unless otherwise agreed. The result of joint research shall be published with joint authorship.

Requests that can be solved within two working days or less are free of charge, provided that the platform has resources available.



For requests that require platform contribution for more than two days (NorStruct, Tromsø: half a day), an agreement between the client and the platform must be made. The agreement should cover type and cost of the service. If applicable, the agreement should also cover a plan for publication and co-authorship.

Regardless of the type of contribution the platform has given to a project, we expect to be acknowledged in resulting publications.




Kjell Petersen: Data analysis, experimental design

Charitra Kumar Mishra: Genome- and RNA-seq analysis and experimental design

Tomasz Furmanek: Genome- and RNA-seq analysis and experimental design


Jostein Johansen: High throughput sequence analysis, prokaryotic genomics, metagenomics, large scale comparative genomics, microRNA analysis 

Morten Beck Rye: Multivariate data analysis, RNA-sequencing, gene regulation, epigenetics, prostate cancer research, cancer metabolism

Kjetil Klepper: Gene regulation, integrative computational motif discovery in eukaryotes and prokaryotes, creator of MotifLab analysis workbench

Konika Chawla: Plant/prokaryotic genomics, micro array data analysis, sequencing data analysis, microRNA analysis


Ståle Nygård: Transcriptomics, functional genomics, statistical genomics

Jon K Lærdahl: Protein structure analysis

Sumana Kalyanasundaram: High throughput sequencing analysis

Vegard Nygaard: High throughput sequencing analysis, programming


Erik Hjerde: Bacterial -omics including genomics, comparative genomics, transcriptomics and metagenomics


Jeevan Karloss


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