Tryggve project

Tryggve is a three-year project to establish a Nordic platform for collaboration on sensitive data, funded by NeIC and the ELIXIR nodes in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The approach in the project is to utilize and connect existing capacities and services at the Nordic countries. The work is conducted in close collaboration with the user communities and Nordic e-infrastructure providers. (Link to funding agencies)


Norway takes part in ELIXIR EXCELERATE through


  • WP1: Tools Interoperability and Service Registry
  • WP2: Benchmarking
  • WP4: Technical Services
  • WP5: The ELIXIR Interoperability Implementation
  • WP6: Use Case A: Marine metagenomic infrastructure as a driver for research and industrial innovation
  • WP8: Use Case C: ELIXIR infrastructure for Rare Disease research 
  • WP9: Use Case D: An ELIXIR framework for accesscontrolled secure archive, dissemination and analysis of human data; enabling biobanks, cohorts and local resource services and integration through the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA)
  • WP10: ELIXIR Node Capacity Building and Communities of Practice
  • WP11: ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Training Programme

 (Link to funding agencies)

Biobank Norway 2

A national infrastructure for biobanks and biobank related activity in Norway. Go to website.

(Link to funding agencies)

ELIXIR.NO project

The ELIXIR.NO project operates and develops the Norwegian e-Infrastructure for Life Sciences (NeLS) portal. This portal is developed for Norwegian researchers to store, share and analyse their biological data. Using Galaxy, we develop analysis tools and pipelines for common genomic data types (metagenomics, dna and rna-sequencing etc). The tools/pipelines are distributed in five Galaxy instances: Bergen GalaxyOslo GalaxyTromsø GalaxyTrondheim Galaxy and Aas Galaxy. Pipelines for analysing human sequencing (i.e sensitive) data are set up to work within USITS service for sensitive data (TSD). The ELIXIR.NO project is funded by the Research Council of Norway

The work of ELIXIR.NO is divided into five work pakgages (WPs).

WP1 management

WP leader: Inge Jonassen

The main goal of the WP is to ensure correct and efficient project management - handling of contracts and consortium agreements, reporting, organisation of management meetings, coordination towards ELIXIR and coordination with other platforms and infrastructures. The management will be responsible for establishing a user panel and for collecting input from this. 

WP2 Norwegian E-infrastructure for Life Science - NELS

WP leaders: Sveinung Gundersen/Matus Kalas, Kjetil Klepper, Kidane Tekle

The main goal of this WP is to implement, provide and support NELS, the e-infrastructure for bioinformatics within life sciences. This includes support on integration of prioritized tools and pipelines into NELS, in collaboration with WP3, 4 and 5.

WP3 ELIXIR application domains

WP leaders: Erik Hjerde, Morten Rye

The main goal of the WP is to provide state-of-the-art tools and pipelines for specific data analysis tasks, as prioritized in collaboration with WP4 and 5, based on input from large user groups and help-desk users. High priority should be given to resources representing Norwegian state-of-art competence towards ELIXIR, in order to maintain strong links between Norwegian and international bioinformatics and to facilitate relevant Norwegian research in an international context.

WP4 Coordination/Technology support

WP leader: Eivind Hovig

The main goal of this WP is to identify and coordinate needs for technology support in bioinformatics towards national technology platforms, large projects and non-ELIXIR core facilities. Prioritization of tools and pipelines is done in collaboration with WP3. The WP is also responsible for solutions for handling of sensitive data.

WP5 Helpdesk

WP leader: Ståle Nygård

The main goal of this WP is to provide training and support for efficient utilization of bioinformatics resources through the ELIXIR-associated core facilities for bioinformatics, in particular for resources associated with NeLS and ELIXIR. The helpdesk operates through a RT system ( Users can get help within a wide range of bioinformatics fields, including

-Analysis of high-throughput sequencing data
-Metagenomic data analysis
-Microarray analysis
-Functional genomics
-Statistical genomics
-Database and web services
-Scripting and software services
-Bioinformatics e-infrastructure (compute, storage, etc)